Recovery of Memory Stick that is Not Formatted

  • A proficient tool that extracts data from memory stick showing not formatted errors
  • Files that have been deleted, lost or formatted can be revived in simple clicks
  • Works well with all brands of memory sticks and memory cards
  • Available for both Windows and Macintosh


Memory Stick users sometimes may come across emergence like “Memory Stick not formatted, do you want to format it now?” even after they have performed the formatting operation. Sometimes after injecting the Memory Stick into devices like PSP, camcorders, digital- camera, and even into the personal computer that is based on Windows or Mac OS, they may display messages like “your device is not ready and data cannot be read”  if user do not format their Memory Stick properly or when they possess a corrupt Memory Stick. Well, when your system displays messages similar to above-mentioned errors it’s certainly a data and file loss problem. Do not worry anymore as there is a way to find lost files on as a Memory Stick after such errors.

Let us consider a scenario where the user tries to open their Memory Stick on their high-definition gadgets, but each time they perform the function it repeatedly displays error message asking to format the external flash drive.  Have you ever come across such an awful situation? If so, you are on the right page. Click the download button and install this Memory Stick retrieval software in tour system or other devices. You do not need to gather any information about Memory Sticks nor do you have to collect any technical knowledge on the usage of this software. Just follow the steps mentioned at the end of this article and it all done! You can rescue Memory Stick data with few clicks.

Possible reasons causing Memory Stick Format error:

  • Corrupt Memory Stick: If the particular Memory Stick is too old and has been in use since many years it can get corrupted very easily. A single Memory Stick cannot be used for lifelong and hence are easier to crash with improper operation.

  • Bad Sectors: Your digital camera, PC, PSP, tablet etc. refuses to format your external flash drives even after your repeated attempt to format it because there is the existence of bad spots in your Memory Stick.  It becomes bit wierd when a PSP user tries to open their Memory Stick to play his favorite game. In case there is a bad sector in your PSP flash drive. Have you thought of how to restore PSP Memory Stick? Relax down, using this ultimate retrieval software every kind of file and data recovery is just a matter of few minutes.

  • Improper Format Issue: Let us consider a situation where the user wants to free some space on his Memory Stick PRO Duo to store some recent releases of audio and video files. But while he was formatting his Memory Stick, the particular device into which the flash drive was plugged in abruptly shuts down. This may result in huge data loss along with the deletion of certain valuable files too. You can try out this amazing Memory Stick PRO Duo data recovery software. Yes, this Memory Stick retrieval software even is helpful to retrieve data from PRO series. It works well on all the different edition and brands of Memory Stick.

  • Incompatible Issues: Incompatibility issues are come across only when your high-definition devices and OS do not support a particular type of Memory Stick. This type of issues is often met by PSP users. Older versions of PSP’s do not support all types of Memory Stick.

There are innumerable other reasons like faulty transfer of files, conking batteries that interrupts transferring process, abrupt removal of Memory Stick, strong virus/malware/spyware attack etc.

Features of this amazing recovery wizard:

This utility is the best product to recover data and files from even formatted and re-formatted storage media. It has a built-in fast recovery engine to identify and retrieve 300 different file types from your Memory Stick. In addition to it, it is also possible for the user to add the file types that are not pre-mentioned. Recovered files can be stored in CD and DVD’s.

Guideline to overcome “Memory Stick not formatted” errors:

  • Download and install the Memory Stick recovery program onto your system. Once installed, launch the software. On the main screen you need to select the option “Recover Partition or Drives”. In case you want to recover data from your camera, PSP and other gadgets then you have to connect your camera or other devices to the system via an external USB.

  • Recover Memory Stick not formatted - Main Screen

  • If you want to recover data after an accidental format issue, then on the new window you need to select “Formatted or Reformatted Recovery” button and hit the next button.

  • Recover Memory Stick not formatted - Select Recover Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

  • Once you click the next button, a new screen pops out, in this new screen, you have to select a particular logical/physical drive of your system from which you want to recover the files. A thorough scanning process takes place after you select the drive.

  • Recover Memory Stick not formatted - Select Drive

  • Once the recovery process is over, you have the facility to preview all your recover files from your Memory Stick either in “Data Type View” or in “File Type View”.

  • Recover Memory Stick not formatted - View in File Type View

  • If you are satisfied with the recovery process you can click on the “Save Recovery Session” option.

  • Recover Memory Stick not formatted - Save recovery session


In order to avoid such file deletion/loss scenarios, it is always recommended to maintain an updated backup of all important files and folders. After realizing that files are deleted/lost from removable flash drives it is advised to stop using the Memory Stick and immediately switch to reliable recovery tool in order to prevent overwriting of all important files. As once a file gets overwritten there is very less chance of its recovery. The user themselves should be more careful while performing file or data transferring process.

It is strongly recommended not to eject the removable flash drives abruptly from either Operating System or other electronic devices as it can corrupt the Memory Stick thereby resulting in files and folders loss.