Recover Memory Stick Pro Duo

  • An easy to use application that restores data from memory stick Pro Duo
  • All file type formats of the files are supported for restoration
  • Can also be utilized to regain files from memory cards, USB drives, HDD, SSD etc.
  • Runs on editions of Windows and Mac machines

Memory Sticks are removable flash drive and they support flash memory card format. Memory Stick PRO Duo is a successor of Memory Stick Duo. It replaced Memory Stick Duo because of its limitation in size and low file transfer speed. Memory Stick PRO Duo is available in all larger Memory Stick. Sony first released its Memory Stick PRO Duo of 16 GB storage capacity in the market. Some Memory Stick also has a very high storage capacity of 2 TB. Other than Sony there are many big brands who design this flash drives. These are companies like SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Transcend and many more. These external storage devices are generally used to increase the storage capacity of your camcorders, digital camera, PSP and many other advanced gadgets. Sony’s Memory Stick PRO Duo has been crafted using the magic gate which makes it a superior quality product as compared to other Memory Sticks.

As it is used more widely hence there is a greater chance of deletion or loss of important files and valued documents from one’s Memory Stick. Sometimes it can throw the user into an awkward scenario. Suppose a user possesses a Sony digital camera and to increase the storage capacity of his camera he uses Sony memory stick PRO Duo. Unfortunately, she/he drops his camera on the floor. When he restarts it, he remains awed top see that the Memory Stick does not mount. With a great struggle, he luckily removed the flash storage device from his camera and then reinserted it and connected it with a USB cable to check in his computer but it displays nothing. You can easily restore Memory Stick files and folders by downloading this Memory Stick PRO Duo recovery software. This software helps you to retrieve files from a different edition of Memory Stick. This software has a built-in fast recovery engine and search algorithm that makes it the must-have external flash memory card recovery wizard. The user now no longer needs to wonder on how to recover lost files from Memory Stick.

Scenarios where we may need to recover Memory Stick PRO Duo files and folders:

  • Accidental Deletion: This is the most common human errors. Users most often come across such scenarios when they accidentally delete files from their PSP Memory Stick, camcorder or Sony’s still camera by accidentally clicking the Delete option instead of Play option. In case you delete your favorite game from your Play Station then with the aid of this toolkit one can recover files from PSP Memory Stick just by performing a few clicks.

  • Third-Party Application: Excessive usage of unauthenticated third party application or when the Memory Stick is used in too many systems and devices that are not secured can corrupt the Memory stick thereby resulting in huge data and file loss. It should be noted that no file is permanently deleted until it is overwritten.

  • Improper Format: Sometimes user attempts to format their Memory Stick but in the middle of the process they interrupt the formatting procedure and abruptly remove the external storage device thinking to reformat it later. This may cause into a severe loss of files and even deletion of certain files, thereby corrupt your storage device. If you get an error message saying Memory Stick is not formatted then, recovery of files and documents from the Memory Stick becomes too difficult for the user.

There are innumerable other reasons like faulty transfer of files, conking batteries that interrupts the transferring process, abrupt removal of Memory Stick, strong virus/malware/spyware attack etc.

Amazing features of this tool:

This ultimate product is completely available for free on the net. This recovery software’s advanced module even recovers data and files after re-installation of the system. One can also use this software to recover files from a Memory Stick after connecting it to their Windows and Mac-based operating system. With this outstanding application, the user can even recover deleted files from USB stick. Here you find complete information about the USB stick deleted file recovery.

How to recover memory Stick PRO Duo deleted/lost files:

  • Download and install this Memory Stick recovery program onto your system from this site. Once installed, run the software. On the main screen, you need to select the option “Recover Files” to recover files that were accidentally deleted from the Memory Stick.

  • Recover Memory Stick Pro Duo - Main Screen

  • If you want to recover deleted files from your memory stick, then on the new window you need to select “Recover Deleted Files” button and hit the next button.

  • Recover Memory Stick Pro Duo - Select Recover Deleted Files

  • Once you click the next button, a new screen pops out, in this new screen you have to select a particular logical/physical drive of your system from which you want to recover the files. A thorough scanning process takes place after you select the drive. In case of Memory Stick recovery, the user needs to click on the Memory Card option.

  • Recover Memory Stick Pro Duo - Select Drive

  • Once the recovery process is over, you have the facility to preview all your recover files from your Memory Stick either in “Data Type View” or in “File Type View”.

  • Recover Memory Stick Pro Duo - View in File Type View

  • If you are satisfied with the recovery process you can click on the “Save Recovery Session” option.

  • Recover Memory Stick Pro Duo - Save

Necessary prevention measures:

In order to avoid such file deletion scenarios it is always recommended to maintain an updated backup of all important files and folders. After realizing that files are deleted/lost from removable flash drives it is advised to stop using the Memory Stick and immediately switch to reliable recovery tool in order to prevent overwriting of all important files. As once a file gets over written there is very less chance of its recovery. User themselves should be more careful while performing file or data transferring process.