How to Recover Deleted Files from USB Stick?

  • The perfect tool to undelete files from a removable USB memory stick
  • Restores all varieties of media file formats
  • Instantly scans the storage and fetches from it
  • Compatible to run on any edition of Windows and Mac


Nowadays, people often use memory sticks to store and transfer data. However,s along with its popularity and wide usage, data deletion from a USB stick have also become very common these days, losing data from a USB stick by a false operation is a heartbreaking situation. Many people store their favorite songs, E-books, photos and other important files on their USB drive, hence accidentally deleting one or more files from USB stick results in many hardships. Users can easily overcome from such a situation if they have an updated backup of deleted data. In case, if a backup is not available then they need to use a suitable data recovery tool to undelete files from a USB stick. And one such efficient tool is Restore Memory Stick. This tool will retrieve deleted files from USB stick irrespective of the reason behind file deletion.

But, for effective recovery, you need to follow one important guideline and that is to stop using your USB stick as soon as you have encountered any data loss situation. It is necessary because a single delete or format operation won't erase the data saved on your USB stick forever. The deleted files are still present somewhere on the USB stick intact and in a right condition. Adding new files on USB drive will occupy the space of the deleted files which makes recovery very difficult. So, don’t use the USB stick further if you want to restore deleted files from USB stick. If you follow this point then deleted file recovery from a USB Stick is quite simple with restore memory stick tool.

This tool empowers you to recover formatted, deleted and inaccessible files from a USB stick. The application will not undelete files from USB stick but also helps you to recover data from iPod, desktop hard drive, pen drives, digital camera, mobile phones and other storage media.

Let’s discuss some causes on how files get deleted from USB Stick:

  • Sometimes the users mistakenly format their USB stick which contained all his/her important documents, instead of formatting some other external drive
  • Many times while deleting some unwanted files from a USB stick, the users unfortunately, select some important files and delete them after which the common question arises is how to get back deleted files from USB stick. But there’s nothing to get worried since, with the help of Restore Memory Stick app, it is possible to undelete files from a USB stick.
  • An antivirus scan sometime proves risky, as these programs delete the infected files from a USB stick while the scanning process, without giving you any warning
  • Sudden power failure when files are being transferred from the USB stick to the computer also results in file deletion from a USB drive
  • Improper ejection of USB stick from the system, when file from the USB drive is in use ends with file deletion

The user can easily handle all these file deletion scenarios if they has restore memory stick tool. This is the best tool to undelete files from USB stick. When files from the USB Stick gets deleted on any computer with any operating system, the deleted files will not get stored into respective Recycle Bin or Trash folder thereby resulting in permanent deletion of your vital files. Hence, you need to employ for restore memory stick application. Using this outstanding application, you can easily recover data from the formatted drives. Have a peek at this site to read more about formatted drive recovery:

It is a superb utility to undelete deleted files from storage drives on various versions of Windows and Mac operating system. This utility uses advanced algorithms to identify and restore deleted files from a USB stick. It’s the safest utility and proves to be the right solution if you are thinking how to get back deleted files from a USB stick. You can also assist this tool to restore data deleted from a memory stick. The tool also helps in recovering different types of files such as audio and video (ASF, ASX, WMV, MPG, AVS, AMR, MIDI, and etc.), images files (JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG and etc.), text documents (DOC, PDF, XLSX), databases, raw photo files, emails and many more.

Learn how to get back deleted files from a USB stick:

  • Download and install this Memory Stick recovery software on your system from this site. Once installed, run the software. On the main screen, you need to select the option “Recover Files” to undelete files from a USB stick.

  • Undelete Files from USB Stick - Main Screen

    Figure1: Main Screen

  • Now to restore deleted files from a USB stick you need to select “Recover Deleted Files” button and click on the next button.

  • Undelete Files from USB Stick - Select Recover Deleted Files

    Figure2: Select Recover Deleted Files

  • Once you click the next button, a new screen pops out, in this new screen you have to select a particular logical/physical drive of your system from which you want to recover the files. Select the drive which represents your USB stick.

  • Undelete Files from USB Stick - Select Drive

    Figure3: Select Drive

  • As you select the drive the software starts scanning the selected drive. Once the recovery process is over, you have the facility to preview all your recover files from your USB Stick either in “Data Type View” or in “File Type View”.

  • Undelete Files from USB Stick - Preview Recovered Files

    Figure4: Preview Recovered Files

  • If you are satisfied with the recovery process, you can click on the “Save Recovery Session” option.

  • Undelete Files from USB Stick - Save Recovered File

    Figure5: Save Recovered File